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My blog website aims to inspire, enlighten, provoke and perhaps amuse. I am at heart a storyteller and that expresses itself in my passions: whether it is philosophy, travel or photography, I am always looking for a story that instills a sense of silent wonder in me.


I love a sense of adventure and wonder. Travelling to exotic places usually gets me going, but having honest, open and genuine conversations with others is just as much an adventure as going abroad is. Below you’ll find a more mundane categorization of some of my passions.


Give me a backpack and a random ticket to a faraway location and I’m as happy as can be. Since I’ve set my first steps on the backpacking trail some 18 years ago I am regularly flying off and experiencing new adventures. Experience >


I rarely get tired of analyzing and discussing all the minutae of humanity, culture and psychology. At least, my conversational partners usually get tired of my antics long before I do. Read >


As a proud amateur photographer I try to capture what my mind’s eye sees and create images that inspire me and tell me a story. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. See >


As a child I was fascinated by games. I loved an activity with most rules clearly laid out and which encouraged my creativity, my competitive spirit, was fun socially and challenged me intellectually. When I found role-playing-games my need for adventure and storytelling was also satisfied. Play >



I finally found a cure for my incessant need to analyze and debate: dancing salsa! Just trying to feel the music and having a joyous ‘physical conversation’ on the dancefloor with a partner is just the best thing ever after a busy working day.


I am at heart a storyteller, and that is what a good website is designed to do. It tells a story and if the story is meaningful it will inspire someone to take action. If that action is a change of opinion or the acquisition of some new trinket, the principle is the same. Surf >


For the more mathematically inclined among us.


Salsa parties

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The Art of Storytelling

Telling a story was once the primary method to transfer knowledge. Elders told stories to the young and our memory is still uniquely optimized to remember information that is being presented in the form of a story.

What is a story? A story is a connected sequence of events that contains an emotional charged lesson. Stories, in their most fundamental form, are answers to commonly encountered obstacles. Stories tell us what is good and bad while retaining our attention by entertaining and involving us.

MY Latest Work

I always loved to draw when I was younger, but I soon learned that my talents weren’t quite up to creating what my vivid imagination saw. When I discovered photography it felt like an instant match: I could still play with the composition but didn’t need to create all the elements myself. And with all the editing tools available, I can even try to create a bit of art!


I love playing games! Learning through play has always been my favorite way to acquire new knowledge and skills. During play learning feels like a breeze to me. Play is my natural approach to solve problems: you think about the problem, you tinker, you try various solutions while making mistakes along the way. Play keeps me engaged and eager. The competitive element and well-defined goals of most games always have me push the envelope.

Even as a child I had trouble understanding why adults often considered games a frivolous passtime and not a serious source of acquiring skills and knowledge. Don’t they see that all intelligent creatures naturally develop their skills by playing? Fortunately, perception is starting to shift and even serious managers and educators know about and respect ‘gamification’ as a tool to keep their students and employees engaged and motivated.

In my favorite games I can release my imagination, creativity and competitive spirit, but a social element is also important. An evening of games, drinks and laughter is a great way to spend my leisure time. But apart from the more traditional forms of games even debating about a variety of subjects feels like a fun game to me.

  • Dungeons & Dragons – 90%
  • EVE Online – 77%
  • Magic the Gathering – 68%
  • Board Games – 45%
  • Strategy Games – 72%

Don’t just take my word for it, listen to what my friends have to say. Well, actually, if you believe these are their words 🙂

An curious, consistent adventurer with a genuine interest in people!

Gea Helms


Hoda Bagheri

Always curious to explore new things.”

Franklin Curiel

Dislikes cliches, enjoys hugs, sensitive, salsa passion moves, heart for figuring things out.”

Carine van der Schoonderwoerd

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